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Target Virtual has the necessary digital platforms and essential strategies to manage your business in the online environment. If your business is not yet present in this environment, do not worry, we will learn about your business and adapt to online quickly. We will work together to ensure the success of your business 💪


José Rafael Barros [Rafa] began his professional career in 1994 as a Designer. In his professional journey he worked in advertising agencies, publishers and educational institutions which he advises until today. In 2000 he specialized and started to act as a Web Developer participating in large educational and corporate projects. From 2011, after completing his MBA in Strategic Management, Innovation and Knowledge, he participated in several projects creating digital solutions combined with strategic management.

In 2015, Target Virtual was born, with the mission of expanding operations from companies to the online environment, providing specialized strategic management, combined with the use of digital platforms that automate the marketing and relationship processes of their customers and partners.

Since 2018, it continues with the operation of Target Virtual from from the United States (Huntington Beach, California), where he also lives with his family and continues to specialize tirelessly.

"I always try to learn new technological concepts that make my work increasingly specialized and extremely relevant to my partners."

Why Target Virtual?

In this moment of extreme difficulty in the midst of the pandemic, we are committed to helping small and medium-sized companies. Our current mission is to provide free expert advice, in addition to applying aggressive discounts, while also guaranteeing the total quality of our services. That is, whatever the contracted service, we will manage your business ensuring the success of your strategies at no cost.
Social Media Marketing

Robust platform for you to create, automate and manage your email marketing campaigns.

Complete platform for sending, automation and sms management, with several features included.

Robust platform for you to create professional websites without any complexity. Just create and publish.

Clarify the most common questions

Do you really not charge any fees for running my business?

NO, we are extremely sensitive to the negative effects that the pandemic has brought to the vast majority of small and medium businesses, especially as they have to spend large investments to transform their businesses from on-site to online, since the businesses physicists are the ones who are suffering the most right now, and that's where we come in. Our expertise in this regard comes from many years and today we have a lot of ease and technology in our favor to play this SOCIAL role.

Our services continue to be charged with a reduction of up to 60% in some cases, but as we understand that a good management is the turning point for the success of companies, it will have zero cost, thus increasing the breath of companies and guaranteeing success. We are playing our social role for the quick recovery of the economy, providing technology to companies that need it for their livelihood. DIGITAL, which was already strong, is now here to stay!

Can I create and manage my own campaigns?

Yes, whichever platform you hire the service (email marketing automation; corporate sms; social media management.) you will have full access to all the platform's features.

Do I have access to any API for integration into my system?

Yes, all of our platforms have an API so that you can integrate your systems (ERP; CRM; E-LEARNING). The only platform that dispenses with the use of API is SocialPost (our social media management platform), as it is already integrated with the main social networks, simply by authorizing our SocialPost App the moment you connect to your social network.

Are the platforms integrated?

No, each platform should have a number of peculiarities, our platforms are independent, making it easier to manage. Example, if your company hires the Corporate SMS service, you will only have access to the SMS Messages platform. Remembering that all Target Virtual services can be managed by us at no cost!